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Start sailing to your dream vacation on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey with its extremely rich historical background and natural beauties.


If you can prepare a group of your friends or family, you can charter a private yacht with a crew. There won’t be anybody else then your party on the yacht. The entire yacht and her crew will be only at your service. The dates and the period are flexible, but the peak season. You can plan your own cruise route or choose one of our recommended itineraries. You choose your own yacht. The yachts are mostly air-conditioned and up-class than the yachts used in shared yacht cabin charters. The yacht is confirmed and reserved at time of reservation. Chartering your own yacht is privacy. Just you and your family or friends, the people you want to be with.
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If you could not organize a group or could not afford to charter a yacht for your own or prefer a budgetary cruise, you can still to join one of our yacht cruise programs by taking a cabin what we called this “Yacht Cabin Charter”. You may choose to sail on one of the 10 cruise itineraries starting from Marmaris, Bodrum or Antalya. 5 of the cruises on the Turkish coast while the other 5 cruises are along Turkey and Greek Islands. The departure days, period and the cruise programs are fixed. The yachts are from 20 to 29 meters and have between 6 to 10 cabins with private toilet and shower. The yachts used for cabin charters are standard class yachts.
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We are pleased to offer our guests bare boat rentals in Turkey, as well. Our yachts are fully insured for and carry all required safety equipment. Our technical team works hard to ensure that all the yachts of the fleet are maintained and kept in perfect condition. If you don’t have enough sailing experience and require a skipper during the first days of your charter or entire sailing holiday, we can also help to arrange a skipper. Turkey offers the perfect sailing holiday destination for couples, families or a group of friends, we will do our utmost to ensure that you have a wonderful sailing yacht holiday along the Turkish Riviera.
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Turkey gulet yacht

M/S SZABIR PRINCESS is a 24 meters long yacht with AC. The yacht has 4 (2 master + 2 double) cabins all with en-suite facilities.



Turkey yacht

M/S BERRAK SU is a 34,0 meters long yacht with AC. The yacht has 6 cabins (2 VIP cabin with Jacuzzi + 4 double) all with en-suite facilities.



Turkey gulet

M/S LARA is a 21 meters long boat. 4 cabins (1 master double+3 double) cabins all with en-suite facilities. She has full set of sails.