Places to visit in Fethiye during a Blue Cruise-9

During a The Blue Cruise in the Gulf of Fethiye and Gocek area, there are a dozen of large and small twelve scattered islands covered with forests and emerald framed sand and pebble beaches. On each of the islands, you can fully enjoy the splendor of nature and escape not only from the daily hustle and bustle, but also from the many tourists who have invaded the resort.

You will enjoy the magnificent nature and get a lot of pleasure from swimming in the picturesque bay during your Turkey yacht cruise. All twelve islands of different sizes have a wonderful sandy and pebbly beaches and uninhabited forests. Gliding along the shore, gulet yachts stop near the ruins of a stone yard where pirate ships have been renovated in the history. You will have the opportunity to plunge into the cool waters of the bay.

Usually the first or last stop is at the Knight Island opposite of Fethiye. In ancient times the island was used by the Knights of Rhodes for the defense. When you are there, you will also understand that this is the perfect place for a guard post. On the island, there is currently a small settlement, some cottages and a small café serving to the Blue Cruise passengers. Between the island and mainland of Fethiye, there are also yachts frequently departing as “Dolmush”.

Following the cruise, another stop is sure to be Kizil Island (Red Island). Island got its name due to interesting optical effect – coastal pebbles and sand takes on a reddish hue in the rays of sunset. The only building on the island is a very old lighthouse. The eastern part of the island is closed from the wind and is a great place for swimming. To the north-west of the island is the Red Deliktas which consists of several closely spaced small islands. 12 Islands is also a nice spot for Blue Cruise guests who love snorkeling. Under water scenery is more beautiful.

The next cluster of islands called Yassica Islands. The four islands are so close to each other that each of them can be easily reached by swimming. The distance between the closest islands is just 12 meters. Their main attraction is a sandy promontory beach stretching into the sea like a natural swimming pool and its cozy tiny size. Get ashore from your yacht and take a walk. It is better to take this walk by some sport shoes.

Zeytin Island is located just on the north of the Yassica Islands and is privately owned. In Ottoman times, a small plant of olive oil was built on this island which is still in operation today.