Blue Cruise in Gulf of Gocek

Tersane Island

Tersane Island is the largest island of the Gulf of Fethiye and the bay with shipyards in turn is the widest bay of the island. On the island, the deported Greeks lived in the old times. On the plain in the center of the island, there are several collapsed houses and a church. Another harbor is a ten minute walk from the shores of the bay. Here, presumably, was located Thelandira ancient Delphic League – Union of Cities. In the days of the Byzantine Empire, a Navy Yard was built on the island, expanded and strengthened subsequently by the Ottoman Turks. The ruins of the shipyards are still visible. The eastern part of the bay is especially suitable for blue cruise yachts, because it is relatively shallow and well protected from the wind. Tersane Island is one of the few surviving monuments of his era.

Bedri Rahmi Cove

Bedri Rahmi Bay (Tasyaka) is located in the northwest of the Tersane Island. This is one of the most famous bays of the area, with a nice pebble beach, surrounded by oleanders with a clean source of cool carried on a hot day. In the northern part of the bay, there are the Lycian rock tombs. The attraction in this coast is an interesting drawing of a fish on a rock and a mosaic of pebbles. This was painted on a rock by the famous Turkish artist Bedri Rahmi in the 70s of the last century, a member of one of the first blue cruise, and the mosaic was created by Azra Erhat. In the northern part of the bay, there are the rock tombs. After a half an hour walk following the path originated at the source, you can reach the village Kilisebuku where offers a breathtaking view of the Dalaman Valley, lakes and islands Kocagel Baba.

Yassica Islands

Yassica Islands are a unique group of islands and islets; most of all resembles a tropical lagoon. The islands are located between the Tersane Island and Gocek. There is no single structure. On the largest of the islands, there is a sandy promontory extending into the sea, forming tiny pool, so cute like especially made for babies bathing. Here you can swim without fear to blue cruise between the islands that would leave the boat for a while and diversify your blue cruise.


AkBuku, which is located in the north of Boynuz Buku and west of Gocek, consists of two bays; one of them is located in the south and the other in the north. Right at the entrance to the bay, there is a large stone which the dimensions are amazing and in the northern part of the bay are a small pebble beach and a fountain. On the way from AkBuku to Gocek, many coves are located. Gunluklu Bay is between the Fethiye and Gocek and surrounded by trees and amber. One another is Inlice which you can visit on the blue cruise. This bay is also surrounded by mountains and forests and there is a spacious beach where tourists often come from Gocek.