Blue Cruise around Oludeniz

Dead Sea (Blue Lagoon or Oludeniz)

What the Blue Cruise is without a visit the Dead Sea; the place where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Aegean in Turkey. Dead Sea is translated as Oludeniz in Turkish and located near Fethiye. Oludeniz is famous with plenty of things. First, it is a mountain Babadag height of almost 2,000 meters, loved paragliding around the world and engaged Oludeniz with moderate winds reputation mountain Mecca of the sport. Flight, depending on the skills of an athlete can take more than two hours. An unforgettable experience you will leave the contemplation of the coast from a height of two seas. Second, this is the famous two-mile beach Belcekiz with soft golden sand, the color of which is nicely every day to compare your tan. Third, there is a natural heritage of Turkey, the Turkish National Reserve – Bay Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz, cut off from the narrow strip of sand. Quiet, incredibly bright water several shades of turquoise, clean sea bottom have to long heats and diving. In the 1st century BC in the lagoon, there were real pirate battles. Not far from this lagoon is Valley of the Butterflies, which can be reached by yacht or boat during a Blue Cruise. It is home to the famous tiger butterfly, as well as almost all butterfly species in the Mediterranean region. Billions of butterflies sitting on the rocks and the trees form a beautiful airy veil, crumbling at the slightest rustle and soars up to the sun.

Gemiler Island (St. Nicholas Island)

Gemiler Island, also called the island of St. Nicholas, known for its many ruins, which have reached us from the time of the Byzantines. It’s best to get here from the Blue Lagoon or Bay Gemiler during the Blue Cruise.
The island bears traces of a fairly large Byzantine settlement, which at one time was one of the centers of Christianity. Construction was here during the V-XI centuries. And although many of the buildings destroyed almost completely, here you can still see quite a lot of interesting things.
In the northern part of the island are partly sunken ruins of the dock and warehouse. Against the backdrop of civil structures of the island stand the ruins of churches and chapels. The floors were decorated with amazing mosaics. All over the island were dug wells and cisterns were built, whose traces can be found today.
Give your yacht a stop at St. Nicholas Island during the Blue Cruise for sure.