Blue Cruise thru Ekincik, Dalyan and Caunos


Ekincik bay is 38 km south-west of Koycegiz. This popular mooring on a Turkish blue cruise is the starting point to the ruins of the ancient route to Caunos. The Ekincik village itself is famous for picturesquely scattered on the mountainside, a decent beach, and the whole system of underwater caves. This place is known as “marina resort.” It is a very popular point for Turkey blue cruise guests to enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes. The island framed by pine trees. It is home to rare species of eagles, soaring where you can see and enjoy the blue sky Ekincik. In the village you can buy souvenirs at the beach with clean sand and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea – to rest.

Dalyan / Caunos

Ekincik is the most popular place on a Turkey Blue Cruise between Marmaris and Fethiye Gulf. You must surely visit Dalyan and Caunos when you will give a stop here. Fisherman boats are always on service here. They pick you up from your blue cruise yacht and take you up the river up to Koycegiz Lake. Dalyan and ancient Caunos are the natural stops of this blue cruise excursion.

Dalyan town got its name from the mouth of the eponymous river which it is located. Dalyan town called as Venice of the Turkey for the fact that it was all cut up by rivulets and straits in which the locals are moved in small punts.
Dalyan River connects Lake Koycegiz with the Aegean Sea and you can dilute your blue cruise yacht, which will start from the city on a beautiful river in the direction of the sea. Dalyan delta is one of the indigenous ecosystems of the world, which was formed due to tectonic movements lasting for millions of years. Neighborhood of Dalyan is a real paradise. You swim among the most beautiful mountains and weeping willows hanging over the surface of the river, past the bright colors and fragrant herbs. In Dalian grow more than 100 species of trees and many rare species of nesting birds.
Reserve Dalyan is famous because it is here that lives and breeds several species of giant tortoises, listed in the Red Book. Caretta turtles who continue to live here more than a few million years, multiply on Iztuzu beach. Iztuzu Beach is a peninsula with a length of 5 km, which is where Dalyan channel merges with the sea. In April and May, Caretta Caretta turtles come here and lay their eggs. After a two-month period, small turtles hatch and try to reach the sea under the light of the moon to find the way.
Blue crab is found only in this place in Turkey. His appearance is due to one of the old stories. Locals Dalyan say that once the Greek sailors who sailed from America for ballast holds of the ship filled with water. When they arrived home, it was found that the water they brought these rare marine animals.
Lovers of ancient attractions as well get a lot of pleasure. After all, next to the city is the ancient town of Dalyan Caunos. According to legend, was founded by the son of Caunos Apollo, and is named in his honor, and the river on which the city stood, had the name of his twin sister – BBC (Kalbis). In the early days of Caunos was a thriving port city, to date there are remains of ancient buildings. They are of great interest along with ancient monuments – the city of Aspendos in Turkey, Olympos.
Well of course you cannot come to Dalyan on your Turkey blue cruise and get out of here without taking a mud bath. Of thermal springs located between the southern coast of Lake Koycegiz and the top of the channel follows Dalyan warm rich gray water that smoothes wrinkles on the human body. For mud baths – Elixir of Youth can be reached by a special private boat plying the town of Dalyan.