Blue Cruise thru Kalekoy, Gokkaya and Demre


Kalekoy – the village is a ghost, which can be reached only by sea on a Turkish blue cruise, is one of the most important places in the bay. The ancient name of the place is Simena.
Simena is an ancient Lycian city that its existence was known already in the 4th century BC. With its convenient port, the city was considered one of the favorite sailors harbor and was of great strategic importance, as evidenced by the well-preserved castle.
Old Town and village today, have surprisingly merged and exist together, stretched out under a medieval fortress. Many modern houses and buildings of the villagers Kalekoy use the ancient ruins as foundations and parts of the walls. Ancient Lycian tombs are often used by locals as basements and storage facilities for household goods and gardening equipment. From the top of the fortress offers a magnificent view of the bay. On the eastern side of the fortress is a necropolis. Inside the walls is small and cute amphitheater, fully carved into a rocky cliff. This theater can be considered one of the smallest of the ancient theater, since the number of seats it is a little over 300. The sea here is so transparent that resembles an aquarium. On your blue cruise, you can swim in the water sparkling with all the shades of blue!


Gokkaya harbor was created by nature and is one of the most beautiful places enticing tourists heading to the Turkish blue cruise. The house of old pirate and merchant boats, this heaven is now a great place to berth gulet yachts on theblue cruises. By the yacht harbor, there are lots of islands of various sizes, as well as a small cove. For example, Ashirli island located at the entrance of the bay is the permanent home visits on daily blue cruise routes. The water in the harbor is transparent so that the bottom can be clearly seen at a depth of 12 meters. The water is salty, but very well kept afloat. Even for those who do not know swimming well, there is nothing to fear. This harbor is extraordinarily beautiful, quiet and calm as a paradise.
Gokkaya is also an ideal place for diving. Gokkaya restaurant on the shore of the bay is a typical fish restaurant where you can stop and eat delicious sea food.

Demre (Myra of St. Nicholas)

Demre and Myra are one of the other most interesting historical spots to visit on a Turkish blue cruise. Myra is one of the six major Lycian cities and a major center of Christianity. The main attractions are the numerous rock tombs and an ancient amphitheater. Next stop is the ancient city of Demre. Here you will see the church of St. Nicholas, Santa Claus. The modern city of Demre in the ancient times gives us this unusual monument. In the year 300 AC Nicholas, born in Patara, was the Bishop of Myra where he taught until his death in 325 AC. Shortly after the death of St. Nicholas, several miracles have been seen healings among the faithful who came to bow to his ashes. Subsequently, the Myra has become a place of pilgrimage and the holy faith. Life of Nicholas preserved for us the description of the extraordinary compassion for the poor and children, for which St. Nicholas went down in history as the saint of children and the prototype of Santa Claus.