Charter Gulet Features

The gulet is a boat of Turkish origin and later adopted throughout the Aegean Sea, built as a fishing or cargo boat. A gulet is constructed of solid wood (mahogany, teak, iroko or pine) and very spacious. It has a considerable width compared to sailboats and this ensures greater comfort. It was precisely the spaciousness and comfort that favored resulting in the transformation of gulets from commercial boats to cruise boats. The ideal time for a gulet cruise is from April to October.

The lets make it possible to dock easily at anchor in sheltered bays, close to sandy beaches at the mouth of rivers and streams and near archaeological remains. You navigate usually for a maximum of 4 hours per day leaving plenty of time for beaches and bathrooms. Gulets can sail, but mostly travel on engine and have a cruising speed of between 10 and 11 knots, a hull length between 14 and 36 meters and offer a space that provides for a comfortable life on board. They can accommodate from 6 to 24 passengers in single or double cabins with private bathroom. The gulets have 4 to 12 cabins with full facilities of toilet and shower. The main deck at the bow is intended for sunbathing while the large aft deck, protected by an awning, is reserved for dining and relaxation.

One of the most interesting and navigation routes should provide boarding in Bodrum, very pretty port town resort located on the Aegean coast and also known as the ancient Halicarnassus is rightly to land at Antalya, sailing along the 1000 kilometers of coast between two of the most famous tourist destinations of Turkey, for a total of 230 miles.