Crew on exclusive gullet yacht cruise

During an exclusive gullet cruise with family or friends, you enjoy unlimited freedom and privacy. You are free to do what you want and are served by a skilled crew, attentive and discreet. We believe that the success of a cruise on a gulet yacht is first and foremost depends to the quality of the crew which plays an important role. Though each gullet has its own crew, we select the range of boats that we are sure about their crews who are able to offer our guests a unique journey and a very memorable cruise holiday in Turkey. Usually the crew on a gullet includes a captain, a cook and a sailor. On larger gullets, a second sailor as deckhand and more luxurious gullets a fifth member as a steward also exists. These are professional sailors with certificates. They are in charge of the navigation and sail in safe. They are also at your disposal to implement various water activities and lead you attached to land, such as a beach during the day or in a port in the evening for the ride. They are also responsible for the care and maintenance of the boat to keep the impeccable appearance of the gullet.

They also take care of the maintenance of engines, generators and pumps. The Chef prepares delicious menus to suit your needs. A deckhand provides the service of meals and drinks. The luxurious boats, a host or hostess are particularly responsible for the service and order of common living areas and for house-keeping by daily cleaning and preparation of the cabins. Captains of Turkish gullets are experienced sailors, passionate, highly skilled and excellent guides in the cruising areas. They know the best and hidden coves to anchor, small harbors and beaches, the best places for snorkeling or fishing, and the best opportunities for hiking and other activities on land. They will organize the program for each day of your cruise according to your desires. Together with other members of the crew, they offer a personalized welcome and an attentive and friendly service. They are always there to help and advice; at the same time they know how to be discreet when necessary. They respect your privacy and will join you if they are formally invited.