What a gulet cruise comes with to the voyagers?

You consider spending a vacation on a luxury gulet cruise in the magnificent shores of the Mediterranean. But, you don’t know where to start from. With no doubt, Turkey is the country and Bodtur Yachting should be your first address to start for a perfect luxury gulet cruise holiday. Cruises by gulets (wooden motor-sailing yachts) have been actively organized in Turkey during the second half of the twentieth century. In those days, gulets are also being built of metal, but the classical gulets are wooden as most of the other gulets in Turkey. Hull of a gulet is made of red or black pines and interiors and decoration are made of teak or mahogany. These boats are equipped with all modern facilities to offer their guests a relaxing cruise vacation and complete comfort. Luxury gulet yachts have many facilities for a comfortable cruise like five star hotels. Well equipped large decks, comfortable cabins with ensuite bathrooms and even more important a professional crew are the necessities for a luxury gulet cruise.

Despite of a standard shared gulet cruise -which is quite common in Turkey for individuals-, you are free to choose your gulet cruise period of time from 4 days and over. Another advantage of an exclusive gulet rental, the yacht is privately yours and you can decide the itinerary of your cruise together with the Captain. You can visit the ancient sites, small bays and coves to explore the vicinity with the national colors of the country. Such itinerary is only possible by a gulet, because the cruise ships cannot get into such small bays of Turkish coast. Taking a private gulet cruise allows you to explore Turkey at your own pace and relax in maximum comfort. In a private gulet rental, you will be the only passengers and be able to determine the itinerary with your Captain. Bodtur Yachting will also guide you by proposing the most enjoyable routes in the stage of booking the yacht.

Gulet rental is a tranquil and pleasant kind of holiday where you do not have to worry about any details. With its beautiful coasts, Turkey hosts to thousands of visitors each year. A gulet cruise is something to be definitely tried to see Turkey from a whole new perspective. A gulet cruise is probably the most enjoyable and luxurious way to see all the Turquoise Coast. And all the crew members of your gulet will focus on you to make this dream unforgettable.

On a let cruise, there are many activities you may do other than sunbathing, swimming, reading or sightseeing. Usually, every luxury gulet has sports equipment for water activities: kayaks, windsurfer, mask and palms, etc. Once you wish anything extra like a Jet-ski, it is also possible to indicate and book in advance.

A private gulet rental will also give you the flexibility of choosing the menu, providing the wines and drinks you prefer. The Chef will prepare the delicious fusion of traditional and modern Turkish cuisine. Just imagine that you’re sitting at a full-size table in the open air, and all around – the sea and a beautiful view.

If you decide to go ahead for a gulet rental do not hesitate to contact Bodtur Yachting in Turkey. They will surely offer you a memorable experience.