Marmaris – major port of Turkey yacht charters


Marmaris is one of the major yacht ports of Turkish Mediterranean coast and ideal for Turkey yacht charters. Marmaris is located on the southwest coast of Turkey, in connection Mediterranean and Aegean seas. This jewel of the Aegean coast has long attracted the attention of ancient Lydians and Carians. Marmaris was founded in the 6th century BC and was named Physkos. Even in those years, he was famous for its trading tradition. In the year 334 BC. e. Physkos was captured by the army of Alexander the Great. He then became part of the Byzantine Empire. Then, the city seized the Seljuks and later the Ottomans. In the 16th century, Sultan Suleyman already restored the ruined walls of the city, dating back to ancient times and gave the city the name Mimaris, which later turned into Marmaris. The only reminder of the town’s past is a fortress, built during the Ottoman rule. Its powerful battlements with towering tower perceptibly indicated in the center of the peninsula, jutting into the sea.

This beautiful center of Turkey yacht charters is spread at the foot of picturesque mountains on the shore of a warm caressing sea, the water is so clear that one can see the bottom. The air is extremely fresh and filled with scents of the sea and pine trees. It is the most eco-friendly resort in Turkey, so for a family holiday Marmaris fits best. The unique nature, a mild subtropical climate, beautiful golden beaches that stretch along the coast, many delightful picturesque corners and secluded coves with turquoise waters, lush tropical vegetation create all conditions for comfortable and are the main reason why this area has long attracted the ancient seafarers and why so popular Turkey yacht charters in Marmaris for the modern traveler and guests of Turkey, both in summer and winter.

Unceasing Marmaris for a moment is what you need for outdoor enthusiasts. It has everything: a lot of exciting excursions, and excellent opportunities for a variety of sports apart from Turkey yacht charters. Of all the sports represented in Marmaris, of course, is worth special mention sailing. Every year in May, there is an international sailing regatta spectacle, really worthy of your attention. In Marmaris amazing beaches are soft, beautiful and very well maintained.