Places to visit in Fethiye during a Blue Cruise-1

Fethiye Castle

When your Blue Cruise yacht is docked in Port of Fethiye, high on a hill in the southern part, there is medieval castle overlooking the town. It is been quite damaged that there are only a few inscriptions carved on the walls of the castle, a tank of unknown origin and two modest stone tomb on the eastern slope of the hill. It is considered to have been built by the Knights of St. Peter..


Fethiye was name as Telmessos which means “city of light” in the history and used to be the highlight of ancient Lycia. On a day in Fethiye during your Blue Cruise, one of the attractions is the city museum. All remains which were collected in the city and its surroundings such as Tlos and Letoon are exhibited here. All these cities were parts of the ancient Lycia known as the biggest civilizations of the South Asia Minor. Today, they are the provinces of Antalya and can also be visited on an Antalya-Kekova-Antalya blue cruise. Tlos

According to the archaeological findings, Tlos was the city of Lycia and founded around 2000 BC. The city is located 42 kilometers far from Fethiye and is one of the six principal cities of Lycia. Once in a time, it was considered as the most brilliant metropolis of the Lycia and the sports center. Until the XIX century, the city was inhabited by Ottomans. At these times, the ruler “Kanli Ali Aga” had crowned a castle on the foundation of Lycian fortress overlooking the spectacular valley of fertile fields and orchards and mountains rising some distance. The ruins of the Roman city gymnasium and baths were once turned into a Byzantine basilica. Inside it, there are Seven Gates at the end of the valley.