Places to visit in Fethiye during a Blue Cruise-3


On a Turkey gulet cruise, Fethiye is a classical point that you may stop. Either by a gulet cruise from Marmaris or by a gulet cruise from Gocek, it will be an ideal spot for sightseeing, shopping and visiting in the mid week. The ancient name of the town is Telmessos. Actually the ruins were not kept well, the only reminder of this great city are several stone tombs and sarcophagi. Telmessos was a place where practiced soothsaying and local visionaries were well known in ancient times. Even the father of Alexander the Great, Philip II, once asked one of them. Sage Aristander predicted the birth of Alexander and his fame. Future king rose in reverence to the elder and always kept it to himself. Aristanderu Telmessos gave Alexander immediately without death and destruction. Alexander left in as Governor-General of Lycia one of his commanders, was thus support the king Telmessos.


Pinara is one of the other spots to see on a Turkey gulet cruise by a bus excursion. Beautiful Pinara is located 55 kilometers from Fethiye at the skirts of Mount Akdag. It was one of the three major cities of Xanthos valley and one of the six metropoles of Lycia. There is no other Lycian settlement similar to Pinara at age older than 2000 years with its mountain scenery, fragrant pine trees, olive trees, a lot of wild flowers and herbs, and finally with a magnificent view of the valley Xanthos. Don’t miss to visit if you will have leisure time in your Turkey gulet cruise.

In the language of Lycians, the word «pinara» meant “round hill.” The city was built on a hill with a fairly flat top, but Pinara acropolis was built on a raised circular shape. This is probably why the city got this name.