Places to visit in Fethiye during a Blue Cruise-4

Kayakoy Village

One of the other places of interest for archeological and historical purposes is Kayakoy Village. It’s an abandoned village 8 kms far from Fethiye town center or 7 kms far from shores of Oludeniz. It can be seen on a cabin charter on Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris Blue Cruise. The shuttle buses would take you to Kayakoy from the town center where your yacht will be moored. You can also visit this ancient village during your private Blue Cruise while your yacht is moored by Oludeniz. The shuttles are again available in the area.

In 18th century, there was a Greek settlement in the village. After the Turkish War of freedom in 1923, authorities evicted all the Greek residents from the village and switched with Macedonian Muslims. However, Muslims soon left the village and moved closer to the sea. After then, no one lived here. This city is known as a ghost village. This abandoned Greek village offers its guests a lasting impression with its narrow streets, stone houses and churches among the fascinating landscape.

The oldest historical monument dates back to 11th century from Karimlassos Lycian city. According to one source, the Greeks called the as Levissi.

The village has 3500 houses and three churches, including the Basilica Panaya Pirgiotisa from late 1800s. It’s possible to find preserved mosaics and marble decorations on the walls of the Basilica. While leaving the village, Greeks, exhumed the remains of their loved ones, but to take with them only their skulls. Remaining bones of dead people piled into one of the buildings of the churchyard, where they can be seen today. Visit to Kayakoy on your Turkish Blue Cruise would be of your interest.