Places to visit in Fethiye during a Blue Cruise-5

Lycian tombs

If you are on a Turkey yacht cruise along the Lycian coast, Fethiye is the major yacht ports for a stop in the mid week. When your yacht gets closer to the port, you face massive stone statues graved on the mountains covering the town center, so the yacht marina. These Lycian king tombs are one of the main attractions of the resort. The tombs date back to the 4th century BC. This is a special type of gravestone art at original form.

The most famous one is the tomb of Amyntas that is cut in the rock portico and two Ionic columns. On the wall of the tomb, the Greek inscriptions are carved for “Amyntas, son of Hermagiosa”. You may climb up the stairs, and if you will still have the strength to climb higher, you will be amazed by its grandeur to the fullest.

Another tomb has an unusual design. It has a rectangular layout with wooden supports and a cover in the Gothic style arches on both sides. The cover is decorated with reliefs of war images which are believed to tell the life of king buried in the tomb. The view of town and the port full with Turkish cruise yachts is spectacular.


Uzumlu is a charming mountain village where you can visit out of Fethiye during your Turkey yacht cruise to Uzumlu has an original charm and is known for its stone houses in the traditional Ottoman style. The valley of extraordinary beauty is surrounded by forests and mountains. The name of the village comes from “uzum” which means “grape” in Turkish. The best grapes of the area are grown in this village. Life here is serene as if there is no hustle and noise of modern days.

The villagers still follow the old traditions. You can see the men playing backgammon in the café-shops after heavy morning’s work in the fields while women stay at home and weave fine fabrics which are famous in the area. The local women produces pure cotton clothes called and luxury turbans named as Dastar that is known throughout the country.

The hospitality of villagers is so warm. You can anytime be invited at their houses for a coffee or tea when you are walking in the streets of this unspoilt village. As a part of your Turkey yacht cruise, visit this peaceful and welcoming village. You will certainly enjoy. Turkey yacht cruise and Uzumlu.