Places to visit in Fethiye during a Blue Cruise-7

One of the other places to visit for during a Turkish yacht cruise is Fethiye Museum. Fethiye Museum is located in the city center. As its exposition, the museum is divided by the archaeological and ethnographic section featuring works of art and craft samples linked to earlier epochs Lycians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. Almost all of the exhibits were collected in and around Fethiye where there will be the opportunity to visit as well on the route to Kalkan, Kas on a Turkish yacht cruise.

The exposition of the museum is divided into two sections: archaeological and ethnographic. Of all the cultural heritage, the Lycians have well preserved especially the architectural monuments. In example, grave stones which most of are carved into the natural rock are the examples from Greek -especially Ionic style-. They sometimes follow peculiar Lycian wooden structure. All sculptures are imbued with the true spirit of Greek art. The bulk of the museum’s archaeological objects like ancient sculptures, utensils, ancient vases are ceramics. Ethnographic objects crafts section shows the time: clothing, original embroidery, hand-woven fabrics, costumes, decorations that are unique to this region, as well as the old, but still valid loom. Household items presented in the museum’s collection eloquently that Lycians engaged in agriculture, making wine was grown saffron, cedar, fir and sycamore. Lycian warriors’ weapons were daggers and curved swords. The main decoration of this section is the XIX century wooden door carved with beautiful arabesques. The most valuable exhibits in the museum reflect the lives of the residents of the city in the period from 3000 BC to the end of the Byzantine era. Don’t miss to visit the Fethiye Museum if you will have enough time on your Turkish yacht cruise.

Source Arnna

Another spot around Fethiye on the Turkish yacht cruise -at 40 kilometers from Fethiye where the creek flows of ancient Xanthos- is the source of the Arnna as often mentioned in the myths and legends. It can be found near the village of Eren, near the mountains in the northern part of the valley. Until the middle of last century, the local women used boulders surrounding the source, as a washboard. Eren village arose on the site of the ancient city which the ruins of the fortress, public baths and the aqueduct of the Byzantine era are remained till today.

These places are worth to visit during a Turkish yacht cruise for archaeology lovers.