Caicco Turchia

The Caicco is a traditional wooden boat locally built in Turkey and suitable for short cruises and generally for inshore sailings. Cruising by a Turkish Caicco is the name of simplicity and relaxation.

There are several routes that can be made along the Turkish coast all with different history and beauty. The classical starting point is Bodrum – the ancient Halicarnassus – located on the South East edge of Aegean Sea. Cruising on a Caicco is to forget for a week, so hard the cruise, those habits that typically punctuate our days with normal occupations. The time and ‘marked by a succession of landscapes and sea of incomparable beauty mixed with this’ sweet doing nothing’ accompanied by simple meals of Mediterranean cuisine that are offered on board. The Caicco cruises are ideal for those who wish to spend their vacation to escape from the hectic days of the year, who love the sea, nature and a certain amount of silence. This is not for chasing anything and the Caicco cruise is not like a cruise ship cruise that docks every day in major ports. It docks in sheltered coves from the wind and almost always away from other boats, just to try to comply with the sense of relaxation that other people want to have. On a Caicco in Turchia, it is almost impossible to describe the atmosphere that you will have on this seven days travel by a small floating world.

The Turkish coast is a continuous landscape of rocks and pine trees reflecting in the water. The color of the crystal clear water where you dive in is not only the desire to swim, but also the sense of liberation with the contact you have with the sea.