The Goleta

The word “Goleta” probably is derived from Spanish and named as “Gulet” in Turkey. This wooden boat with two masts, formerly of pine, was used to transport cargo and fishing along the southern coast of Turkey. Usually designed with a sharp bow, a goleta is wide and rounded at the stern. We offer the best goleta vacations with historical and archaeological theme. Enjoy total relaxation, rich food, a great view and swimming, and visit archaeological sites. Turkish Goleta is a popular concept in marine literature. Traditionally crafted by master craftsmen, these attractive motor sail boats are made of wood are comfortable and ideal to be rented. Many of our goleta charters are scheduled to sail aboard the luxurious and best boats built.

A Goleta is built for inshore cruising and coastal navigation. The construction of Goleta began in Bodrum area and then developed also in Marmaris, Gocek and Fethiye. Recently, handicrafts and carpenters prefer to use the more durable woods like Teak, Maun and Iroko during the production of a goleta.

The true model was developed as a comfortable cruising boat for up to twenty guests in double or triple cabins. Goleta generally ranges in length from 14 to 41 meters (52-110 feet), and therefore has different passenger capacity. Each cabin is equipped with wardrobe, mirror, shower and toilet en suite in standard. The master cabins may have additional sofa, dresser, desk, Jacuzzi tub and extra shower. The crew cabins are separated.

The covered areas are exceptionally spacious and are complemented by the navigation equipment, with superb mattresses for sunbathing and offer the promise of more enjoyable vacation. Spacious lounge and also the large aft deck have dining table and comfortable bar, fully equipped kitchen. A Goleta has a large deposit of fresh water and fuel. VHF Radio, GSM phones, full navigation equipment, stereo, TV and DVD players, refrigerators, ice maker, deep freezer, fully equipped kitchen, life raft, safety equipment, life jackets, fire extinguishers, etc. exist to keep comfort and safety while guests stay away from the port to enjoy their holidays.

Private crewed boat charters are also organized for large and small numbers of groups. We work with a wide range of gulet boats, all handmade in Turkey and manned by experienced sailors. For private groups, we have a wide selection of goleta ranging from 3 to 12 cabins. Our professional team will help you to decide according to your needs and your budget. See a list of our Turkish Goleta fleet.