Turkey… Home of Gulet yachts

Every year, the thriving local boat building brings to the market many new boats in Turkey, both for private use and charter. The choice is therefore very broad with yachts of any length, category, type, so is convenient for any type of Blue Cruise lovers. Our in depth knowledge of yacht chartering allows us to meet any needs. Bodtur Yachting offers a wide range of gulets, all guaranteed by specific personal knowledge. All gulets in our yacht fleet are unique and supervised and cataloged before being offered. Because, a yacht in bad condition or at lower standards than you expect may ruin your holiday. The discriminants that define the price are different: boat length, number of crew members, interiors and external, age, construction site, on-board equipment. In the fleet, there are gulet yachts from 3 to 12 cabins, from 16 to over 50 meters length and price range to meet every budget. The service is generally very good even on gulets at lower category (of course compared to the cost of hire).

The crew members are very helpful and accustomed to dealing with Blue Cruise guests of all nationalities with different needs. The hospitality, discretion, kindness are common at almost all the crews. The Turkish cuisine is always appreciated: vegetables, meat and fish with a blend of the flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean Europe. The average quality of the food is also very high on board a gulet yacht. Normally, there is the possibility of having half board and full board at predetermined price. The cost of fuel and port dues is included in the installment of yacht rent. At the end of cruise, if you satisfied with the service, it is common to tip the crew. The standard of tipping ranges from 7 to 10% over the amount of the yacht rent total. Tipping is customary, but not obligatory. The air conditioning is available on all the private charter yachts that we offer. The average work of air conditioning is around 6 hours a day while it is for 24 hours per day on the yachts at higher level.

With its long season, a yacht holiday in Turkey on a The Turkish gulet is a great offer for yacht cruisers comparing to the same or even lower quality and over priced boats in other areas of the Mediterranean.