Turkey Sailing

What is a Turkey Sailing Boat Charter? Simply a bareboat charter means that an individual or a group of individuals have hired a boat from a company and the only service provided is the rental of the boat. There is no captain of the ship, or ship personnel to take care of the boat, nor are there any provisions of any kind. This means that there are no:
• Food and Drink
• Activities planned
• Extra navigational equipment other than what is already provided.
• Anything else that a full blown charter would have

With the Turkey bareboat charter, each individual is responsible to hire the ship’s current personnel or to hire his own. Most individuals hire their own crew from the local area where the ship is docked. The ship’s owner temporarily transferred ownership and responsibility to the person who is leasing the ship. The leaser understands that he is responsible not only for the items listed above, but also for:
• Any and all insurance costs.
• All fuel
• Repairs and daily maintenance
• All fees that have to be paid at local ports. For many individuals, including those who reside in the country of Turkey, it is many times much cheaper to have a pseudo ownership of a boat for a specific amount of time than it would be to fork over the money that it would take to purchase a boat, of their own, especially when they desire a larger boat.

Where to go

There are locations that are more popular than others to have the opportunity to hire a Turkey sailing boat. Certainly Caribbean islands are very popular locations where an individual can hire a bareboat charter, but the country of Turkey is also very popular. Many countries located on the Mediterranean Sea, which Turkey is, offer some kind of Turkey sailing charter experience. This is a very beautiful geographic location to explore by boat. One can choose from small, easy and cheaper to operate boats, up to larger gullet yachts that can be had for the day, week, month or indefinitely.

Have Experienced

If you are someone who fancies being out on the open sea by yourself, or least mostly alone, consider you level of experience. If you have little or no experience you will need to have someone else with you who does. Taking care of a smaller boat may not be too much of an issue but handling a bigger boat will take some boating knowledge. There are rules and regulations on the open sea that must be followed. In addition, if you encounter problems while out to sea, the experience in knowing how to take care of the boat and yourself is critical. An individual who really wants to try his hand at handling the boat all on his own, could benefit from attending some form of education to get at least some basic boating techniques under his belt. Knowledge is powerful and important when you are attempting to do something that you have not tried before.


Add Some Extras

While an individual usually gets a Turkey sailing boat to try and save on money, it is advisable to take some time to consider adding in a little bit extra. If you are an individual who is fond of diving, and do not have your own equipment, consider adding some scuba equipment to your rental. This will make your vacation or rental time so much more fun. This type of equipment and other types do not come with a Turkey bareboat charter rental unless it is part of a package deal.