Turkey yacht charter (Blue cruise) in Gulf of Gocek

Gobun Bay

Gobun Bay is located on the southwest coast of the Gulf of Fethiye. The sea in the bay is not so deep with depth of 7 – 10 meters with crystal-clear water. If you are moored during your blue cruise in the Gobun Bay, you can also visit the Kevi bay located side by side, to visit a small cave on the shore and add the charm of these places. The road to the bay is straight forward, and there are stairs all way the slope. It’s a great place with its beauty surrounded by pine and olive trees that protect the bay from the wind. Many sailors on the blue cruise prefer to stop at the Gobun Bay for lunch or overnight.

Batik Hamam

Batik Hamam means “sunken bath” in Turkish. There are the ruins of a sunken bath just by the shore where the blue cruise yachts are moored. This place is also known as Cleopatra’s Bath. Around the bay you will see the picturesque pine forests, making a blue cruise, through which the air is very clean and smells of pine needles. Color of the sea in this area reflects all the tones of blue. The legend about this place is related to the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra. They say that friends gave her a Roman bath. At this point, they found the underwater hot spring, and Cleopatra took a bath here. This water has healing properties – it contains calcium, magnesium and other essential macro-and micronutrients, according to legend, bathed in these hot springs, you can look younger for a few years.

Sarsala – Siralibuk

In the Gulf of Sarsala, there is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Turkish coast, inaccessible from the shore, and therefore not built up with hotels and pensions. In the hills surrounding the bay, there are the ruins of the ancient town of Lassa, known unique inscriptions from the Hellenistic period. Kizilkuyruk -picturesque bay located on the eastern side of the peninsula Kapidag- is one of the best sheltered bays from the prevailing winds. Those interested in archeology can land ashore from their blue cruise yacht and after a short walk to visit the ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Lydia, the most mysterious settlement on the banks of the bay. Located in remote areas ruins Lydia has not yet been investigated by archaeologists, but about the settlement there is very little mention in ancient sources. In the Sarsala Bay, there is a small restaurant. The blue cruise yachts dock here and guests may taste the delicious cooked lobster and squid caught by the owner.