Turkey yacht charter thru Kas, Kalkan and Kekova

Yesilkoy – Kalkan

On the east of ancient Patara lies the town of Kalkan – the former Greek village of Kalamaki- literally clinging to the hillside above the road and a narrow strip of coast. With the Turkish name “Kalkan” is translated as “round shield”, which is well suited for this place. Here is rounded terrain with charming coves, surrounded by mountains and fragrant pine forests and one of the most beautiful spots of Turkey yacht charters.
Kalkan has a different kind of architecture style – with white painted small houses, graceful balconies and narrow wooden windows-. You will be charmed with the view when your yacht gets closer and closer to its small port during the Turkey yacht charter. The cobbled streets intertwine in eastern maze and go down to the turquoise bay. Kalkan has not a sandy beach except the one scattered only on the harbor city. But it compensates with the world famous beach of Patara where is a 25-minute drive from Kalkan. Patara Beach is famous for its mild “golden” sand. It reaches to a length of 9 kms to the mouth of the river Cayagzi and 6 km inside of it, which can be considered as one of the longest beaches of the Mediterranean coast.


The next stop of your Turkey yacht charter should be Kas – one of the most popular towns of the Turkish Mediterranean of Turkey, with the picturesque ruins of Lycian settlements and standing right in the water sarcophagi. Most of the ancient buildings are located in the seaside village of Ucagiz and Kale in the harbor of Simena.
Kas -in ancient times named as Lycian city Antifellos- was founded in the 4th century BC by Antifell, which means “opposite” in ancient Greek. Right in front of yacht port, 3 – 4 miles from the coast, the island of Meis (Megisti) can be seen very clearly. It is similar to the “eye” on which “eyebrow” Kas lies over it. That’s why Kas means “eyebrow” in Turkish. In ancient times there was a regular sea link between Antifellosom and Megisti.


Kekova area is one of the most amazing places of Turkey yacht charters. Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s one of the parts of his famous Odyssey was filmed here. Kekova is a long and narrow island whose shores are dotted with archaeological remains of antiquity. As a result of tectonic movements that led to the rise of the Western Taurus Mountains, the city of Kekova and Simena plunged into the water. In addition to the flooded city buildings, the ancient port of the Lycian sarcophagi is sunken under the sea. This is one of the most desirable locations in the Mediterranean.

In most of the island district includes towns such as Kalekoy -ancient Simena- and Ucağız -antique Teymussa-. In addition to the ruins of Simena and Teymussy, in the district of Kekova, there are the ruins of ancient cities, monuments and Aperlai Dolihiste.
From ancient times to the present day, the area is considered a safe harbor for Turkish yachts and gulets. In the past, here the Roman pirates were used to sail here, and now Turkey yacht charter guests come to explore this amazing island.