Turkey Yacht Cruise

So, you are looking at the holiday brochures trying to find your dream holiday in time for summer vacation. You have gone through about twenty brochures and they all look good but you cannot decide. You missed one, trust me, you did. Have you picked up a cruise brochure at all? Cruise holidays are not all as expensive as you would expect. If you are looking for a holiday to top all other holidays you really want to be looking at a Turkey yacht cruise.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and has one of the most intriguing of seas to sail upon. The Turkey Mediterranean coast line stretches almost 1,600 miles and is a turquoise blue. The Taurus Mountains form an outstanding and very picturesque backdrop to most of the coast line making Turkey’s Mediterranean one of the most must see locations.

Turkey also has some cultural sites worth visiting too such as Ancient Roman ruins. One city is built on and ancient site which still ahs ancient stone sarcophagi on the streets. Hence, you need to always consider a Turkey yacht cruise.

Coastline Places to Visit

There is an abundance of coastline towns and villages to visit in Turkey and many of them run Turkey yacht cruise packages for day outings or as weekend or week packages. Some of these are listed below with a taste of what to expect when you arrive.

• Marmaris: This is the most active yachting port in Turkey so you can be sure when you book your package with anyone here you will receive the best. This major yachting port has excellent knowledge of the coast lines and will be able to supply some awe inspiring cruises.
• Gocek: A Quaint little yachting port which anyone can enjoy. The scenery is bright but peaceful so you can relax and enjoy the scenery before setting out on your yacht cruise.
• Oludeniz: You may want your captain to cruise past here during your yacht journey. Not least for the beautiful Mountain back drop view.
• Kalkan: Once a charming little fishing village, now a pleasant yachting port. Be sure to try out some of their restaurants there too.
• Kale: You should pack up some diving equipment if you plan to pass by this fishing village so as you can enjoy the sunken roman city underneath the coast line.
• Kemer: This resort was built in the eighties so is still relatively young but if you are looking for a guided tour this would be a great option. This resort prides itself on the knowledge of surrounding villages on its tours and can arrange captained yachts for those of you who prefer to cruise on the yacht rather that captains it.

Turkey Yacht Cruise Holiday

There are many other coastal towns and villages along the turkey coastline to enjoy and many of these may already be on planned yacht cruise packages. Check out the villages, towns and ports that catch your interest and ask if they are within the tour or why not book a yacht package deal and get a captain to plan a cruise course for you.

Now you have your Turkey yacht tour brochure you have finally covered everything thing you need for your summer vacation. Take your pile of now around Twenty one brochures and spread them out in front of you. Which one now stands out as the holiday to beat all others?