Turkish Cuisine on a Blue Cruise yacht

The most popular Turkish yacht cruises –known as Blue Cruise- run along the Turkish Riviera from Bodrum to Antalya. During this cruise, you will observe the natural beauties on the Turkish azure waters, occasionally get ashore for sightseeing, hit the road. One of the other most interesting moments during a Blue Cruise is the opportunity to try new dishes of Turkish Cuisine. The cooks, with the experience from their predecessors, serve the most delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine. Going for feeling the rhythm of life in a Turkish yacht cruise, be sure to run into a problem – the problem of the choice of culinary abundance, which is famous for local cuisine.

During a Blue Cruise, you can enjoy «caciki» -fresh cucumber with yogurt and garlic- served with rice. Among other things, to the peculiarities of the Turkish soup recipes include adding tarhany (Tarhana). Tarhany – this dough made of wheat flour added a variety of spices- is dried under sun and crushed. Soup of lentils (Mercimek Corbasi), fish soup (Balik Corbasi), sour and spicy soup with rice and yogurt mint (Yayla Corbasi) are some specific soups. Bread and flour products can be considered as the basics of Turkish cuisine. Bread (Ekmek) is an integral part of the meal whether in breakfast or in dinner. In addition to bread , flat bread (Pide), round bread sprinkled with sesame seeds (Simit) are served. Manti – a kind of baking rolls like Italian ravioli- and Borek are some of the family of dough products.

Meat Dishes

During the Turkish yacht cruise, you will taste the meat dishes. Probably the most ancient Turkish cuisine meat dish is “Kebab” or “Kebap”. The most popular typ is shashlaka – “shish kebab”. Shish meat for kebab is cut into pieces, strung on a skewer and grilled on charcoal. Another as delicious as shish kebab is Turkish “kofte” (meat balls). They are roasted, baked or boiled. Then, they are typically prepared with minced lamb, spices, egg and finely chopped onions. From a prepared stuffing form of pellets, and sometimes elongated ridges. Another popular dish is “Cig Kofte”. The meat for this dish cut several times, mixed with finely chopped sweet and hot peppers and leave to stand for several hours. If you like hot and once you dare to try, then you will for sure have an unforgettable experience.

Turkish desserts

Turkish Delight has many desirable qualities, including healing. Currently, Turkish delight is called simply as delight. The softness and sweetness of rkis Delight is from starch and sugar (Turkish delight) or flour (shaker delight). Almonds, coconut and pistachio are added inside. Helva is one of the most famous oriental desserts of the Turkish kitchen. There are numerous type of helvas. The most common types are with tahini, sunflower, peanut or sesame. Baklava is made from thin layers of dough stuffed with walnuts, hazelnuts or pistachios. Kadayif is a very thin vermicelli drenched sugar syrup. Revani is a Turkish semolina cake and flour in a sugar syrup. This is an insanely delicious cake, just melts in your mouth, however is very sweet.
During a Turkish yacht cruise holiday, you will not only see the beauty of nature, but also the beauty of Turkish Cuisine, as this is a part of the Turkish culture.