Yachting vacations on a cruise in Bodrum

Turkey yacht cruises (Blue Cruise) are exceptionally popular in Turkey where the three sides of the mainland is surrounded with Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea. The bays of Mediterranean and Aegean Seas are most charming spots for yacht cruises in Turkey. Lately, Greek Islands have been included these cruises. We are always attracted by different flavors and different cultures.

Bodrum positions best among the Blue Cruises. We can claim that Bodrum is the heart of Blue Cruises. Bodrum has numerous tourists consistently by its social structure and nature. Turkey yacht cruises in Bodrum are much more perfect for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Besides, you can find the bays that you settle by your charter yacht. You can enjoy almost all kind of water sports. There is a light breeze Meltemi which satisfies you incredibly in Bodrum. At time when the sound of waves is included into that light breeze, your occasion gets to be more agreeable.

BODTUR YACHTING arranges Turkey yacht cruise programs in Bodrum. It has been attempting to present a great Blue Cruise by its grinning crew and extravagance gulet yachts. You can look over the yachts and see programs on our site.

You can witness all shades of green and blue by going by the inlets in Bodrum yacht cruises. You can find new sights in every outing furthermore deify them with a camera. In late years, Blue Cruises are outstanding amongst the most favored occasion decisions for tourists.

You discover the opportunity to have an agreeable holiday by your Turkish gulet yacht. You have the chance of sailing along the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and Greek Islands, wherever you like. Be ready for a perfect yachting holiday in Bodrum, Turkey.