Attractions during your Turkey cruise around Gocek

Gocek is a small resort on the southwest of Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast. This pretty village is located in the bay with the same name; on the very north part of the Gulf of Fethiye. Gocek is 110 kms from Mugla and 22 kms from Dalaman Airport. Its southern part is the Mediterranean Sea, and the north is covered by pine forest and Taurus Mountains. Gocek – a real pearl of the Mediterranean, situated in a calm bay surrounded by trees and forests. The region is a national natural park and is under protection by the State.

Gocek is the perfect starting point for a Blue Cruise, opening access for gulet yachts in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea to the south. Leaving behind the Gocek bay, the cruisers will have unique experiences from the clear turquoise sea, going down to the shore pine forests, friendly dolphins swimming around the ship. The ancient name is Kalimche. According to legend, it was here “splashdown” Icarus after the flight, which started as an escape from prison. For the Romans and Byzantines, Gocek was not of a particular value, it was known only by the Ottoman Empire. For the ships, it was a loading port for chrome mine collected from the local mountains. After its reserves exhausted, Gocek has become a common fishing village. Fishing could continue to be the main occupation of the local population, unlike Bodrum where is popular by intellectuals, artists and poets. After their Blue Cruise along the Turkish coast, they described their experiences in a book titled “Azure Travel,” which became a kind of guide book for today’s Blue Cruisers. After a short time, Gocek has also started to pull attraction of enthusiasts of gulet yachts.

The main attraction of Gocek can be considered as its main port where you can catch a gulet yacht and go on a one-day, week-long or a never-ending cruise to the islands. This unique natural port of Gocek is surrounded by mountains on three sides and a lot of opportunities for gulet yachts that cruise through the small picturesque bays, coves and islands. The best knowns are Magarali Cove), Cleopatra’s Bath, Tersane Island. Tourists also have the opportunity to visit historical sites from the Lycian civilization. Ruins of ancient Arimaksa scattered on the southern shore of the bay lies along a lace edge coast. On the contrary, on the Tersane Island with a shipyard ruins from Ottomans. Bring your mask and palms for snorkeling in the area! Corals, fishs, crabs and even sunken lighthouse worth to see. One of the bays that can be visited by a gulet yacht is the Aquarium. Gocek with its unique location makes it popular for recreation at the sea inside the nature, away from the hotel complex, bulky and noisy resorts. Gocek offers its guests a wonderful and luxury vacation. Gocek is popular for tourists from Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain. The British tourists and residents say that Gocek is a “warm England”. Gocek today with several marinas; Skopea, Port Gocek, Club Marina, Main Marina, etc. is an international yachting center and a boat repair yard. From the bay to the gulet yacht can easily get to the untouched island in the bay. The city has plenty of yachting companies and agencies specialized in the rental, sale, brokerage and service of sailing and gulet yachts.

Gocek’s marinas capacity is available for about 1,000 gulet yachts at various types and lengths. Hundreds of sailing and gulet yachts with foreign flag almost exceed the number of Turkish yachts. The rent of gulet yachts ranges from 500 to 10000 Euros depending on the class of vessel. In Gocek, it’s not available to find large tourist hotels that are flooding the city with noisy groups of tourists. It’s common to see exclusive gulet yacht passengers who approach the shore to taste delicious seafood or replenish with fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat in the local restaurants. Gocek – a rare jewel in the crown of southern Turkey- is an amazing combination of rural tranquility and modern comfort, cozy coastal cafes and bars, fashion boutiques and cheap shops, markets,