Wintering of gulets in Turkey

Turkey has the best possible conditions for boats and gulets, private charter yachts, sail boats to spend the winter. Turkey has several advantages over neighboring ports and marinas of the Mediterranean with quality craftsmanship and technical experts. The number of qualified staff and cheap labor makes Turkey an important place for wintering of yachts among other European countries.

Carpentry for example, welding, painting or craftsmanship is much cheaper. The short winter months, the sunny weather, preparation and painting are great than most of the ports of the Mediterranean.

The European yacht owners must calculate every year and spend 12-17 percent of their face value, while the costs in question are only 3-7 per cent in the Turkish marinas and wintering sites that are more secure and are built in coves very safely. Wintering in Turkey is 60% less than the European boat yards. Turkey is a low cost country private yacht and charter yacht owners.

The sufficient moisture and low average temperature variations are important for painting, varnishing, which could be carried out most of the year with the best possible results.

We propose wintering in Turkey, so you can relax and enjoy the glorious weather, while preparing your yacht and you can easily get the best yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean Sea.