You may have a look at the different yacht choices available in our categories within any price range. But before you make a final decision, it is often helpful to discuss the yacht rental and charter plans with us. We inspect all the yachts we offer and know the crew and charter itineraries very well. The more you can tell us about your interests, period, duration of your yacht charter, number of people, budget and even about your expectations, the better we will be able to guide you for the best option of your Blue Cruise. Once you have decided the dates of your yacht cruise, which yacht is the best for you and which ports you wish to embark and disembark, etc, we negotiate the scheduling your Blue Cruise.

Gulet yachts are built to center life on deck during a yacht charter. Spacious decks and housing a large aft for dining and lounging area are their main features. The number of guests a Gulet yacht carries depends on the yacht's size, though most of them accommodate between eight to sixteen people. These yachts offer their guests separate accommodations with en-suite facilities. Modern Gulet Yachts are comfortably equipped with all of the amenities that you would feel at home and encourage an environment in which you are expected to do nothing but enjoy yourself. On a yacht charter, you have the chance, unlike cruises on large cruise ship, to explore the secluded and often deserted bays and coves of the coastline. The small harbors and settlements offer an intimate view of coastal life which large ships cannot replicate authentically. You could lounge on the deck feeling the sun, sipping your favorite drink; read your favorite novel or explore the turquoise deep with your snorkel. On your Yacht, you may find some snorkels, simple fishing equipment, windsurf or a canoe for free of use. Some of the yachts have also water sport equipment that is mostly available for rent at extra. Land trips to plenty of ancient ruins to visit are available out of many moorings. You can even fish for your supper on the yacht and your cook will gladly prepare for you. Meal times are another form of entertainment with all that exquisite Turkish cuisine and wonderful conversation. Having a meal under the stars on a serene sea, gently touching the sides of your Yacht is an experience not to be missed. For those who prefer a different view each day and are prepared for the changing moods of Mother Nature, a holiday on a yacht is the perfect solution. Your cruise is full-board on yacht cabin charters, excluding all beverages. On private yacht charter, you can spend your yacht holiday without even having to decide what is going to be on the menu, you may let the yacht's Chef prepare you delicious set menus with a small additional charge per person basis. Or you may choose to book half board meals on some days and stop for a lovely dinner at a colorful seaside restaurant.

You need casual wear; non slip foot wear, swimming suit, a sun hat, some t-shirts and shorts, a sweater for cool evenings and for excursions and climbs, blue jeans and strong footwear. Instead of one large suitcase, we recommend that you take small and preferably soft bags as they are more convenient to store in your cabin. Hand, bath and beach towels are supplied. Also bring your personal sanitary, shampoo, bath gel, toothpaste, etc. If you are interested in snorkeling, you may bring your equipment, because the equipment on board may not fit to your size.
For charging the electrical devices, the supply on board is 220 and European type plugs are used. Please bring your converters/adaptors accordingly.

During a yacht charter, your party is exclusively attended by a professional and friendly crew. On a yacht, the crew and the service is as important as the quality of the yacht; or even more. It makes the difference and plays an important role in your yacht holidays. We pay the same attention to the quality of both yacht and crew and only add those yachts to our portfolio where we are sure that the crews are dedicated to making a yacht vacation a truly memorable one. Depending on the size of the Gulet, the yacht crew usually consists of a Captain, Chef and a Deckhand (on smaller yachts; a Captain and a Chef/Deckhand). On larger yachts over 26 meters, a fourth crew member will be at your service. The crew members are friendly providing a relaxed atmosphere but at the same time extremely professional familiar with the coastal waters of Turkey and the yacht's inside out.
The Captain is usually source of information on the local history and surroundings, being able to advise the best places to anchor for swimming, snorkeling and visiting. He customizes every day of your yacht charter to your personal preferences. Together with his crew members, they provide an ambitious and very personalized yet discreet service.
The Chef prepares delicious food. You can also get some valuable tips from the Chef on local cuisine. The Deckhands are licensed seamen and in charge of safe navigation and sailing, preparation and operation of water toys and transportation of the passengers from the yacht ashore to the beach during the day or for a night out. Of course, they are generally water sport lovers and good divers. They are always around when needed but never intrude in your privacy unless you want. On more luxury yachts, there are is an extra host/hostess responsible for the service and/or a housekeeper is in charge of the interior and laundry.

Renting a Private Yacht is significantly higher than the cost of a Cabin Charter. But, chartering a private yacht is privacy. Just you and your family or friends, the people you want to be with. During a private yacht charter, you and your party will have the whole yacht and its crew at your disposal during the Blue Cruise. Just think of it as your own private charter yacht.
You can plan your own itinerary (even by including some Greek Islands) or choose one of our advises. The dates and the period are flexible.
You can choose between the yacht options in our fleet according to capacity, budget, size, etc. You know the yacht that you will cruise on. The prices are quoted for entire yacht including crew, fuel up to 3-4 hours a day, Turkish harbor dues, transit log fee, etc. You may provision the food, drinks and beverages on board or buy from the Yacht.
If you could not organize a group or could not afford to rent a yacht for your own, you still have a chance to experience a Blue Cruise. When there is just you and your partner, you can rent a cabin on a shared yacht; called as and join the 4-8 other couples on Turkey yacht charter holiday. During a cabin charter, your Yacht will take a predefined. The menu is set. The drinks and beverages are extra available at the Gullet's bar. Drinking from the yacht bar is customary as tipping the crew and bringing drinks from outside is not expected. Days of embarkation and disembarkation and the program is fixed. The departures are guaranteed and the Yacht will leave the quay even the number of passengers fails to reach more than one person.
Gulet yachts are from 18 m to 30 m and have between 5 to 10 cabins with private WC and shower per cabin. The categories of yachts used for cabin charters are standard and the yacht size, name are confirmed upon arrival.

On a Private Yacht Charter, you can plan your own itinerary (even by including some Greek Islands) or choose one of our advices. To have a rough idea about what you will see on your Blue Cruise, you may take a look at the some shared yacht charter programs listed in our itinerary pages These Blue Cruise routes are only suggestions, as your own Private Yacht Charter will be planned according to your wishes and interests. Together with your Captain, you can also update these itineraries; you can stop by the places you like more or skip the places that you may not get interested. On a cabin charter, the programs are set. Your Yacht will take a predefined itinerary

This depends on the boat you will choose, her base and reservation chart. A oneway charter can be scheduled by departing from one port and ending in anther. It's best to book early as soon as possible to have the flexibility of an itinerary and ports you like.

In Turkey, the yacht cruises are mainly operated on weekly basis and from Sarueday to Saturday. We try to suit to our guests’ preferences during low season; however we may not offer alternative periods in the high season. Therefore, the gulet yacht rental prices are quoted per week.

Alternative yacht rentals periods (shorter or longer) can be available according the yachts availability, ports, season, etc. Please ask.

The temperature in the low season of April, May and October ranges between 20C-28C degrees. In the high season of June, July and August the weather becomes much warmer and ranges form 30C to 38C degrees. It is never likely to be stormy or rainy during the yacht charter season in Turkey.

If you have small kids or babies, your biggest worry should be safety on board. Having a English speaking crew with a flexible Chef is also important. Once we help you with those, you will see that a gulet yacht cruise is the most enjoyable and special holiday that you will spend closest to your kids and family.

The yacht charter prices include the cruise insurance. The cruise insurance covers the yacht, her equipment and all crew members against fire, collision and other marine risks or catastrophe. In case of any accident sustained by the crew, the loss of the yacht, her equipment and the crew damages are included.

The guests -by their own Travel Insurance- are responsible for any injuries or loses out of board and any injuries on board that may arise from their own fault or mistake. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have your own Travel Insurance for covering the possible medical problems and/or cancellations during a gulet yacht holiday.

Most of the yachts have WiFi on board. However, as it’s supplied by mobile modems, there can be a limited quota by the operators. These are quite enough for checking your emails, whatsapp, etc, but can run out quickly if you watch videos, youtube etc.

Off board, many restaurants and bars offer free Internet connections.

Tipping the gulet crew is completely up to your appreciation of the service that you will receive. It is not obligatory, but is customary to tip them between 7–10% of your charter fee if you feel your crew has provided a good service during your yacht cruise in Turkey.

Yes, you may. Please refer for visa requirements. In case you will need a stamp type visa, you may also purchase it online to save queuing at the airport.